ABOUT redFox

If ever a company was born of necessity, it is redFox Environmental Services, Inc. At no time in history has a business so directly addressed the serious environmental problems confronting us today - and so totally committed its energy to delivering timely and lasting solutions to those problems for its customers. redFox Environmental Services, Inc. has been a world leader in self-contained sewage treatment units since 1970 through their redFox Wastewater Treatment System.

The redFox Wastewater Treatment System is unmatched in quality, maintenance and performance. Over 6000 installations have been placed into service for over 750 customers, worldwide. The redFox Environmental Services Wastewater Treatment System is the Absolute Solution to all environmental compliance requirements for sewage treatment. When stringent local requirements call for B.O.D. and T.S.S. levels to fall below 30 mg/l, with special modifications, the redFox Environmental Wastewater Treatment Systems can deliver an effluent quality in the single digits.

The units are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations as described in this booklet to satisfy every application - offshore, marine and land based. The units are USCG/IMO Type II Certified and meet all EPA requirements.

Technical Assistance and Expertise

No one knows more about the treatment of wastewater and the protection of the environment in this broad field than the technical and developmental team at redFox Environmental. redFox was the original pioneer company in the development of packaged sewage treatment systems. The company was also instrumental in the development of the MSD federal regulations for the United States Coast Guard back in the mid 1970's. redFox Environmental Services still employs some of the same personnel that were involved in the design and fabrication of the first redFox Wastewater treatment unit. This is the type of pride and experience that makes redFox Environmental Services the elite manufacturer of wastewater treatment systems. A simplistic statement that best describes our mission is: "to be the ultimate source for products and technical know-how in the wastewater treatment field." The mission has been met.

Private Label Cleaning Products & Biological Treatments

Out of the applied science of the redFox Environmental laboratories has emerged a complete line of approved cleaning products and organic bacterial treatments for wastewater treatment systems. The entire line has been manufactured to be kind to the environment. These products are within the biological and chemical parameters of the delicate balance of wastewater treatment systems.

Manufacturing Facility

All redFox Sewage Treatment Units are manufactured in house at redFox's manufacturing complex located in Youngsville, Louisiana. This state of the art manufacturing complex entails 12 acres of land and 15000 ft2 of covered fabrication area.

Worldwide Sales and Service

No matter where you're operating, redFox Environmental Services will provide you with the proper system and technical backup to assure that your wastewater treatment needs will be met. Presently, we maintain sales and service centers assisting customers on almost every continent.