MARINE FIBERGLASS SERIES for marine vessels and offshore platforms that require IMO & USCG approval

The Redfox Environmental Marine Series Units are Bureau Veritas certified for IMO & USCG Res. MEPC 227(64). The IMO Marine Environmental Protection Committee resolution applies to all sewage treatment systems installed onboard on or after January 1, 2016. The Marine Model is designed, manufactured and tested to meet or exceed MEPC 227(64). effluent standards. CLICK HERE TO VIEW CERTIFICATES


This wastewater treatment technology has been utilized by Redfox for over (35) years.

Unique Design
The Redfox Marine series clarifier operates under a head pressure that ensures proper separation and solids setting. The results are a very clean water discharge quality.

Our competitors utilize an open style clarifier that is susceptible to problems caused by movement. Solids do not separate or settle properly. This will negatively affect the discharge water quality.

redFox Model Persons / Black Water Persons / Black & Gray Water
RF-200-M-FG 10 4
RF-350-M-FG 18 7
RF-500-M-FG 25 10
RF-750-M-FG 38 15
RF-1000-M-FG 50 20
RF-1500-M-FG 75 30
RF-2000-M-FG 100 40



  • - Capacity: 200 GPD to 2,000 GPD.

  • - Crew sizes from 4 to 100

  • - Fiberglass will not corrode - no coatings/paint

  • - Layered to 1/4 to 1/2 thickness

  • - Two Tank Configuration - for installations that have limited installation space.

  • - IMO & USCG Certified

  • - Low Maintenance Time and Operational Costs - Very few moving parts and requirements for maintenance. If maintenance or repairs become necessary, no special tools are required.

  • - Low Power/Utility Consumption.

  • - No odors.

  • - Utilizes common household bleach for disinfection.

  • - Operates with fresh or saltwater.

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