The following is a list of approved products that have been manufactured within the biological and chemical parameters required to not upset the delicate balance of your redFox Environmental Wastewater Treatment System. These products are biologically and chemically balanced so as not to harm the environment.

Stock #500-1 redFox Chlorine Tablets

Wastewater chlorination requires a special kind of tablet; not all chlorine tablets available on the market are suitable for wastewater chlorination. Eliminate the question by using the correct formula for your treatment system, the redFox Environmental Formula. (Packed 160 tablets per 50 lb. pail)

Stock #500-2 redFox Bacteria Tablets

Specially patented bacteria in a pre-measured tablet containing ten billion microspores. These microspores have been scientifically engineered to multiply at an astounding rate. When placed in water, the tablets dissolve into live aerobic bacteria. They break down organic matter into carbon dioxide, water and ash. Place tablets into toilets and flush. They are environmentally safe. In the redFox Pre-Digester/MSD combination, Organic Bacteria Treatment Tablets are needed to break down food grease. Flush one tablet per 500 gallons per day in order to begin the grease disintegration process. Flush one tablet thereafter per 1000 gallons per week for maintenance. (Packed 50 tablets per 2.5 lb. pail)

Stock #500-3 redFox Concentrate

A specially patented bacteria in a powder form. These microspores are scientifically engineered to multiply at an astounding rate. When added to water, the powder dissolves into live aerobic bacteria. This product, as all redFox Environmental products, is environmentally safe. (Packed in (6) 1.75 lb. containers per case)

Stock #500-4 redFox M12 Nutrient Feed

This product should be introduced in situations where a system originally designed for a certain personal count is now processing waste for a decreased number of personnel. This product is a supplemental nutrient (food source), to offset the effects caused by reduction of personnel use in the system. Further, where more stringent environmental requirements must be met, this product provides a steady food source for the bacteria. It was specifically developed as a solution for proper functioning due to under-loaded conditions. Minimum order requirement of 3 pails.

Stock #500-5 redFox Chlorine Test Kit

Includes 50 Total/Free Chlorine Test Strips

Stock #500-6 redFox Test Kit

redFox standard kit for field testing. Periodically, samples are taken and tested either for monitoring of pollution control or for checking unit operation. Our kit tests for: total/free chlorine, dissolved oxygen, and pH. (Contains 200 pH tests, 50 total/free chlorine test strips and 20 dissolved oxygen tests.)

Stock #500-22 redFox Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit

Includes 20 Dissolved Oxygen Test.

Stock #500-23 redFox pH Test Kit

Includes 200 pH Test Strips

Stock #500-24 HACH CN-66 Total/Free Chlorine Test Kit

Includes 50 Free Chlorine Powder Pillars, 50 Total Chlorine Powder Pillars and a Test Kit.

Stock #500-25 HACH Free Chlorine Refills

Includes 100 Free Chlorine Refills

Stock #500-26 HACH Total Chlorine Refills

Includes 100 Total Chlorine Refills