redFox VCHT systems are made with proven technology and the highest quality components.

redFox VCHT systems are low maintenance and operator friendly.

redFox VCHT systems are flexible and can be designed in many different variations.  The most popular models are eductor systems and vacuumarator systems.

redFox VCHT systems can be stand alone or integrated into the sewage treatment tank.  When integrated with the sewage treatment system, the system is enhanced and in some cases it will allow for a smaller treatment system.

redFox engineering department can provide custom designed tanks for the VCHT system to fit the customers design and space requirements.

redFox VCHT systems are advantageous by design...

- High velocity discharge prevents line clogging.

- Small diameter collection piping (1-1/4" to 4") - Reduces weight, installation & maintenance costs.

- Ability to collect wastewater in situations where the water must go up to accommodate piping constraints.

- Conserves water consumption for installations with limited water supply.


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