MARINE SEWAGE UNITS - FoxPac Series ( fiberglass )

The new FoxPac Fiberglass Series is ideally suited for small vessel applications for the marine and pleasure craft industry. It follows the same proven process as the original Fox-Pac, gravity separation process with biological aerobic filtration. The only difference is the unit is fabricated out of fiberglass instead of metal.


This wastewater treatment technology has been utilized by Redfox for over (25) years. The FoxPac Series is smaller than our marine units. In order to produce this scaled down version, retention time was reduced and the gravity separation process was combined with a high-rate biological aerobic filtration process with two treatment tanks.

RedFox Model Persons / Black Water Persons / Black & Gray Water
RF-50-FG 3 1
RF-200-FG 10 4
RF-350-FG 18 7


The FoxPac Fiberglass Series offers these benefits:

  • - Capacity: 50 - 350 GPD

  • - Crew sizes from 1 to 18

  • - USCG Certified Sewage Treatment Systems

  • - Offered in standard configuration or customized to meet our customers specifications and space limitations

  • - Low maintenance time and Operational Costs - Very few moving parts and requirements for maintenance. If maintenance or repairs become necessary, no special tools are required

  • - Low power/utility consumption

  • - No odor

  • - Utilizes common household bleach for disinfection

  • - Reasonably priced

  • - Operates with fresh or saltwater

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